Toy library “Aixaldes”

The toy libraries promote game offering the children a comfortable and safe space and the advice of qualified professionals.

The toy library “Aixaldes” – local word that means spark – is located in the street Ceferí Rocafort S/N. The room of 136m2 is split in 6 areas: soft area, symbolic game area, building games and puzzles area, board game area and creative workshop.

The space is designed following the Montessori method, focused to satisfy children’s needs instead of adult’s ones. It is decorated with soft colours and simple, wide and tidy decoration.

Our methodology is based on freedom. Spaces, time and activities are thought to favor the game. We also propose directed activities and workshops of free choice to the children. We aim to facilitate and guarantee quality game time both as an entertaining activity and a right of childhood, to ensure an optimal, healthy and happy growth.


The service is addressed to the children from 0 to 12 years. Children younger than 4 y.o. should be accompanied by a responsible adult all the time they spend in the toy library.


From Monday to Friday from 17:00h to 19:00h

Time is distributed by age-groups so we can better address the needs of every age-group:


To do the registration it is necessary to bring two card photographies of the child, a photocopy of the health card, to fill up the documentation attached and to pay the corresponding quota.


  • Annual quota: €40 (Reduction of 50% for numerous or single-parent families)
  • Weekly quota: €8

Other services

Toy Library “Aixaldes” offers the the Game Mornings, a service addressed to the students of the School “Els Raiers” and the Municipal Kindergarten, that facilitates a playful and educational atmosphere where the game and the toys are the instruments of relation with the classmates and the adults. Also extraordinary activities like talks, thematic workshops

We also offer the Family Space “Aixaldes”, a service addressed to the children and the families, where we host the meetings of Upbringing Group, as well as giving tools and resources to families.