What to do and visit in la Pobla de Segur



This is a perfect area to practice adventure-travel tourism as it offers different choices such as climbing or canyoning, the two most important sports that you can practise in Collegats Canyon. Besides, there are eleven mountain bike routes with options for everyone and also rafting and kayak are practised.

On the other hand, Collegats-Boumort is a territory of history, legends and traditions deeply rooted. It’s a place where we can observe legendary locations such as l’Argenteria or la Geganta adormida; medieval heritage as the Sant Pere de les Maleses monastery or Civil War remains in the Pallars Front, located in Boumort National Reserve. Besides, on july you will also discover the Timber Raftsmen Festivity, a celebration related to those men who transported timber from the Pyrenees to the cities along the rivers. This job disappeared a hundred years ago and that’s why, each year, people from la Pobla de Segur commemorate this way of living.

The tourism experiences catalogue “What can we live in Collegats and Boumort?” collects around 60 proposals made by local enterprises that invite you discover the region through the five senses.