Welcome of the mayor

Welcome to the new website of the City council of la Pobla de Segur.

The aim of this new website, like the previous one, is to be the virtual presentation card of our municipality on the Internet. Also, it aims to announce the novelties that we have introduced and to integrate progressively the municipal services, helping the citizen with every kind of procedures and queries to the City council.

Our website wants to be an effective tool of citizen participation as well as favoring and facilitating the link with entities, associations, companies and businesses. In a nutshell, with every kind of public and private services that want to enjoy the access to our command lapobladesegur.cat.

You will find a lot of information to present our municipality to the world, our history, our traditions and our people. La Pobla de Segur faces the future with the same formula we always used: with impulse, dynamism and with spirit of modernity.

We wish that our website is useful, obviously we will keep on modifying and improving it, therefore, we invite you to use it and to send us your proposals and suggestions.

Receive a cordial greeting,

Lluís Bellera i Juanmartí
Mayor of la Pobla de Segur