20 Jun 2022

Falles in honour of the Virgin of Ribera

The expected drop in failures after the pandemic and without restrictions in this regard was marked by prudence. The fallaire association adapted the festival to the high risk of fire. The faults descended down the mountain and only lit up when they reached the town.

This year 150 fallaires and 150 pubilles have participated in the festival. With the fallas already lit, the fallaires made the traditional tour of the old town until they were deposited in a large bonfire in the Plaza de la Pedrera. Later, the offering was made to the Virgin in the church Mare de Deu de Ribera.

At night the party continues for the youngest in the town hall square with live music, this year the Pobla de Segur opens with the purple points, points where information service, awareness and accompaniment is offered in case of abuse and sexist aggressions in leisure spaces against women and people from the LGTBI collective.