Festivals and traditional fairs

Raiers (timber raftsmen) of the Noguera Pallaresa festivity

Since 1979, each first weekend of July, the timber raftsmen festivity is celebrated to commemorate the ancient job of Raier. Timber raftsmen brought, through the centuries, timber to the cities for construction, for heating as well as for shipbuilding. The job of rafting timber from the mountains to the cities extinguished at the beginning on the 20th century, when dams were built and trucks appeared, offering a faster and easier transportation. The festivity was inscribed in 2002 a Traditional Festivity on National Interest by de Catalan Government.

The Festivity lasts three days and offers music, a trail running race and gastronomy to all the citizens and visitors. The most important event is on Sunday when four rafts go down the river Noguera Pallaresa to commemorate this ancient job.