No. route 1

R01: Aramunt – Sant Martí de canals

It starts at a flat area, surrounding the northwest part of the Sant Antoni Lake towards the village of Aramunt. It goes through a bridge that passes by the Noguera Pallaresa and the small village of Pont de Claverol. It follows a local road where we can enjoy a landscape of cultivated fields at one side and the Sant Antoni Lake at the other. In one of its beaches we can find the Xiringuito Bar, where we can recover our strength. From the village of Aramunt we will start climbing to the village of Sant Martí. This is the hardest part of the route, that goes through a rural road in good condition where we can also find the Sant Marti Fountain. Here we have a magnificent view of the Sant Antoni Lake. From here on, the route continues with a comfortable descent through the local road that will lead us to La Pobla de Segur once again.