No. route 7

R07: Claverol

This route is quite short but at the same time difficult due to the inclination. From the starting point towards Pont de Claverol, we climb Claverol by an unpaved road that goes by fields and oak forests and has a magnificent view of the Sant Antoni Lake and the Pessonada scarp. We then go to the Llenasca rock, going through a pine forest rich in mushrooms during autumn. If we are lucky enough, we may see some autochthonous animals of the region. From the rock of Llenasca we start the descend by a narrow road that will let us enjoy an amazing panoramic view of the Collegats canyon and the Llania dam, until we arrive to Sossís, known for its important coal mines from the beginning of the 20th Century. The route concludes parallel to the river Noguera Pallaresa towards Pont de Claverol.