No. route 6

R06: Montesquiu – Galliner

It coincides during its first part with Routes 1 and 2 until arriving to Aramunt. From there, we take the road that goes from the village towards Pui de l’Anell. The route follows the base of the mountain and, following the side of the Sant Antoni Lake by a road in good condition, we arrive at Casa Cassasses. From here we climb a steep ascend to the Neret rock, leaving at our left side the old Galliner village. The view from the Neret rock is impressive. At our feet, we can see the whole Conca de Tremp with the Sant Antoni and Cellers Lakes and the Montsec mountains at the end. Just to enjoy this view the effort is worth it. From here we begin the steep descent that leads back to La Pobla de Segur. On the way back, we find the Montesquiu village and the Pujol and O Fountains, where we can cool off. The route ends following the road towards Sant Martí de Canals and going back to the road we took at first towards La Pobla de Segur.