No. route 2

R02: Sant Antoni lake – El Vernedot

Perfect for the family. At firsts, it goes the same way as ROUTE 1, so you can enjoy the magnificent view of the Sant Antoni Lake. From the village of Aramunt we recommend a visit to the old village, situated at the top of a hill. It follows towards La Masía de Cal Caputxó and it ends as well at the Xiringuito Bar. It goes on towards La Pobla de Segur, passing through the Socors Chapel. Once we cross the Noguera Pallaresa bridge, it turns to the right parallel to the river, towards the picnic area called “El Vernedot”. It follows towards the core of La Pobla de Segur, where we can walk around the streets and enjoy the magnificent modernist building called Casa Mauri, the Municipal Park and the Church.