No. route 4

R04: The Erinyà forest

At first, it follows the same way as Route 3, until it arrives at a crossing that leads to Toralla. Here we can leave the bike and go to an excursion at the bronze era caves or, if we prefer a more peaceful visit, we can climb to a lookout called “El Coll” and enjoy a magnificent panoramic view of the Pyrene mountains. We follow the route going down the shady spot of Serradell until we cross the river that has the same name, and we continue to the Erinyà village. Following the road, we search the Erinyà Canyon and, before the tunnel, we cross the N-260 in order to take the old road of La Pobla de Segur, where we will find the Sant Miquel from the 12th Century. We finish in La Pobla de Segur.