21 Dec 2022

Christmas parties full of activities for children and young people

The City Council of La Pobla de Segur programs a whole series of activities aimed at children and young people during these Christmas holidays. The Christmas Park, the trunk, the arrival of the Kings of the East… We will explain it to you below because you do not miss any!

Following the path started last year, the first date will be this Saturday, when the music group Ambauka will take a shit from the giant trunk. All the boys and girls who come to La Serradora to dance and collaborate by making the guy shit will get the gift!

After the years of the pandemic, this winter La Pobla de Segur will recover the Christmas Park. This year, however, it will be at La Serradora on December 27, 28 and 29. The park will have inflatables, workshops by Alba Jussà, giant games and a circus workshop from the Ntelades Association, face painting with the artist Pintocoses and a space for babies. Young people, apart from playing in the video game corner that will be there, will also be able to participate in the table tennis championship (on the 27th) and table football (on the 28th). To do so, they will have to join the same day after 4:00 p.m.

Once the year 2023 has entered, the activities will continue with the counting session/workshops “Heroines and dolls”, by Sara Sareta. It is a story reading session where the protagonists are empowered women and girls and other adaptations of classic tales where the female characters change their role and attitude, breaking stereotypes. To facilitate the development of the session, you will have to make a prior registration by WhatsApp to the phone 619.078.238. It will be on Tuesday, January 3, starting at 6:00 p.m., in the Library.

The next day, it will be the young people of La Pobla who will have to face the “Professor’s Briefcase”, an Escape Room in which they will have to manage to open the briefcase of the well-known professor from Casa de Paper. This activity will also require prior registration by WhatsApp on the phone 619.078.238. The groups will be of 4 people and three groups will face each other.

The arrival of the Kings of the East

The boys and girls of La Pobla will be able to take the letters addressed to the Kings of the East to the Royal Pages. They will be picked up on Friday, December 30, starting at 6:00 p.m., at La Serradora.

The Three Wise Men will visit, on January 5, the poblatans and the poblatanes to leave him all the gifts they have asked for (or have deserved).