Welcome of the mayor

Dear neighbors, dear visitors of our village,

Before starting this greeting, I must say that, for me, and all the local government team it’s an honor to serve you from the city council and the mayoralty.

On behalf of all the local government members, I want to welcome you to our website, which pretends to be our village main gateway to the Internet.

As the closest institution, the city council has to facilitate information of its services to the citizens in an easy and simple way. This website wants to be a useful tool to solve problems, to involve citizens and to make our government open to neighbors. This website has to contribute to create a close relationship between neighbors and the administration.

IT technologies allow us to give information in a direct and fast way and also to create new communication channels. Your opinions and complaints are essential to improve the city council operation and also to create a village that has in mind the needs of all its citizens.

I hope this website becomes the useful tool we all need to improve our village.

Marc Baró.

Mayor of la Pobla de Segur.