Aggregated villages


Montsor is an abandoned village in the high zone of the Massís de Collegats, near the cape of Montsor. By Montsor passed the ancient road of communication between the two Pallars, when the Pass of Collegats was not open. This turned the village into a strategic place. Later, with the opening of the path by the Gorge of Collegats, the village of Montsor was subtracted out of usual routes of communication, and fell progressively in decline, until the abandonment by mid 20th century.



Gramuntill is a group three homesteads: Mas de Gramuntill, la Borda del Ros and la Barraqueta. The two last were hostals of the path near Noguera Pallaresa river. La Barraqueta was the toll for those who wanted to go through Collegats. The Pass through the Gorge had been opened in the 19th century by family Bringuer of la Pobla de Segur, earning the right to charge a toll. At the present days, the homestead of Mas de Gramuntill is the only one that keeps activity, functioning as an agrotourism house.

Sant Joan de Vinyafrescal

Sant Joan de Vinyafrescal is the second village with more population of the municipality, with 62 inhabitants the year 2017, that features since 1845 as an aggregated village to the municipality of la Pobla de Segur. The village is located in a valley slope that dominates the south sector of la Pobla de Segur and has some elements of a Closed Village. However, it has been as transformed in time. The church of the village, of romance origin but very transformed, is devoted to Sant Joan.


Pumanyons is a village of castral origin situated above of a hill less than a kilometer to the southwest of the town of la Pobla de Segur. It is accessible from a road that goes up from the town. Nowadays, it only it keeps a house inhabited, Casa Taló. His romance church, built the 11th century, is devoted to Sant Cristòfol.