22 Aug 2022

The Molí de l’Oli is too small in the presentation of “Cruz Verde. Sentimental Chronicle of an Exterminator”

The Molí de l’Oli became small, last Friday, August 19, to welcome all the public attending the presentation of the book “Cruz Verde 1945-1963. Sentimental chronicle of an exterminator”, the latest publication by the historian, promoter and animator of the Botigues Museu Salàs de Pallars.

After the welcome by the culture councillor of La Pobla de Segur City Council, Ramon Enric Guimó, and the presentation of the project by the culture technician of the Salàs de Pallars City Council, Jesús Sanchez, Sisco Farràs gave an extensive presentation on the advertising adventure of the Cruz Verde house, for practically two decades, with the help of a lot of graphic material.

The Cruz Verde trademark, owned by the García-Milà family, had great success during the postwar period for its phytosanitary products and domestic insecticides, thanks largely to the powerful, original and at times bizarre advertising campaigns that it promulgated.

Farràs made a precise analysis, year by year, of these advertising campaigns of the commercial house, relating them to the historical context of each one of them with the model of life that was imposed at each moment.

The publication of this book is complemented by an exhibition dedicated to the same subject that can currently be visited in Salàs de Pallars.