19 Sep 2022

Act of remembrance for the cultural activist Manel Dalmau I Etxalar

The City Council of La Pobla de Segur, this past Sunday, made an act of remembrance for the cultural activist Manel Dalmau I Etxalar, a neighbour of our town, a very dear person and transferred now a little less than a year ago.

Manel had made numerous documentaries of various types (with one of them he had won the Pica d’Estats prize awarded by the Lleida Provincial Council) film courses and cultural projects, here and in other countries, especially in Colombia.

He collaborated with the council of culture of this city council in the elaboration of interviews of historical memory, the filming of a new documentary and other projects.

In the act of remembrance for Manel Dalmau, which took place at the Molí de l’Oli, it had a very large attendance, including his partner Maria, his close friend Agustí Paüls ant the councillor for culture, Ramon Enric Guimó.

During the event, his documentaries were screened: “El cierre rosa” (which explains with images and interviews the fifties in Pobla), “Somnis de paper” (which focuses on life in Pobla in the sixties and includes also filming of those times made by some poblatans) and a personal documentary recorded shortly before his death.